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Sympathy Card Open - 3-Fold Eternal Snowdrops

Sympathy Card Open - 3-Fold Eternal Snowdrops

Fantastic full colour Bereavement card from the Eternal collection with heartfelt sentiments. With embossed finish.


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Inside Text

The tears in your eyes
may blur the light,
but it will shine clearly again,
the happy times you shared,
will guide you through the haze,
until the clouds lift to
show the sunrise.
All that you love is a part of you,
and a part of you cannot be lost,
so when the pain makes
it hard to understand,
and the sorrow won't let you smile.
Remember how
blessed you are,
to have this special
person touch your life.
On the times you long
for their embrace,
or hear the sound
of their voice.
Hold on to the joy
they brought you,
and listen to the
beat of your heart.
For there they are living on,
always and forever.


H 190 mm x W 130 mm or
H 7.50 x W 5.10 Inches (approx.)

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